CleanPrint is primarily supported by advertising which allows us to cover costs while offering you content output tools that save paper, ink, money and the environment. If you would like to remove ads from CleanPrint on your site simply type in your domain name (example : "") and click the buy now button. CleanPrint for Publishers - Ad Free comes with a free one month trial period and a $15.00 quarterly charge (every 3 calendar months). If you wish to cancel during the one month trial you may do so without being charged.

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  • CleanPrint ads will be removed in less than 48 hours
  • A charge of $15 will occur every 3 months after one month trial period
  • Ad free service can be canceled at any time via your PayPal account overview page
  • Please install and test CleanPrint before purchasing Ad Free, get CleanPrint

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**Any cancelations that occur after the free trial will not be eligible for a refund. CleanPrint Ad Free will support sites with up to 2000 print jobs a month (about 10 million page views a month). If you think your site excedes this contact our sales department.

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