CleanPrint was designed to work with most website structures. It does a great job of determining the correct content to harvest and optimize those selections for print. If you would like to make CleanPrint work even better or CleanPrint is having trouble harvesting the correct content, below are a few simple tweaks that can improve the CleanPrint experience on your website.

Content Selection

Inside the core of CleanPrint is a mechanism that scans content and determines whether or not that content is print appropriate. While CleanPrint does a good job of determining the appropriate elements of an article (Title, Byline, Date, and Body) we give our publishers the ability to mark these elements and take the guess work out.

Use these class names on the appropriate tags:

<div class="cleanprint-article">Full Article</div>
<div class="cleanprint-title">Article Title</div>
<div class="cleanprint-byline">By Action Reporter</div>
<div class="cleanprint-dateline">September 31, 2011</div>
<div class="cleanprint-copyright">Copyright © Action Publishing, 2011</div>

Further more if you would like to include or exclude a specific element use the class names below.

<div class="cleanprint-include">Include this for print</div>
<span class="cleanprint-exclude">Exclude this for print</span>

If you still have questions or need assistance with a specific configuration click on the feedback tab and submit a question.