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CleanPrint is now available to beta customers as a foundational service that others can build upon.

We’re excited to see what other apps, scripts, and services—large or small—will leverage CleanPrint moving forward. So what can you do with the Cleanrint API?

At the heart of CleanPrint is a content scraping engine that scans an html article document and harvests the relevant text and image content from it leaving behind the unwanted ads and clutter from the page.

With the CleanPrint API you can:

  • Scrape core content including title, body, and images from HTML documents
  • Transform cleaned HTML documents in to PDF or Text
  • Leverage everything CleanPrint has to offer and build entire full-featured clients on mobile platforms.
  • Any site, app, OEM or enterprise with consumers or employees who save or print content now has access to the CleanPrint API.
  • Deliver a simple and clean printing or saving view of any web article with CleanPrint’s best-of-breed parser.
  • Allow consumers to send clean printouts to their printers or save accounts from anywhere.

To get started register for a CleanPrint API key. Or check out the CleanPrint API docs.

Happy coding!